4 Small Businesses that Know How to Do Instagram Right

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Instagram is exploding in popularity among social media networks. Their active monthly user base is 800 million strong. If you think Facebook and Twitter are the only social networks you should be paying attention to, think again.

Instagram is highly visual, which makes it great for building engagement for small businesses. We’ve gathered 4 examples of some of the best small businesses on Instagram that show how it’s done.  

Camp Brand Goods  – 163K Followers instagram picture

A look at Camp Brand Goods Instagram feed and you’ll realize the importance of emotion in marketing. Every one of their images grabs you and you feel like you’re right there with them. This is great photography and emotional marketing at its best.

They also created their own hashtag #keepitwild and infuse it throughout their marketing and product line. With Instagram’s ability to search by hashtags, a strong brand association helps smaller businesses stand out.

Letterfolk – 265K Followers letterfolk instagram

Engagement. It’s the key to social media success. The trick is figuring out the best way to generate engagement from your audience. Some take the serious approach, others appeal to emotions and then there are those that use a bit of humor.

Letterfolk sells handcrafted letter boards. Their Instagram approach is to be extremely relatable by instilling a sense of humor in day to day life. When you think about it, their approach is genius.

Letterboards are usually designed for businesses. But their letterboards are of elevated craftsmanship, more suitable as a décor element than as a sign on a business counter. It makes sense that they want people to see how their product is a valuable addition to their home. The never miss the mark with their beautifully photographed, and very real, posts.

The Original 10Cent – 20.3K Followers hanging feet instagram

If there’s one small business on this list that highlights the important of conscious effort in social media marketing, it’s this one. The photographer behind the images at The Original 10Cent understands that detail and quality are everything, especially on Instagram.

There isn’t a single post on this feed that’s not infused with professionalism. Each one is thoughtful and meticulous. The effect is a feed that begs the user to look more. The images are all strikingly different, yet focal points and color schemes tie them all together.

Infuse Spirits – 14.1K Followers drinking instagram

The word is getting around that video is the way to go, but many brands aren’t sure how to use it, especially on platforms like Instagram.

We’ve chosen Infuse Spirits for this list because they have great posts with engaging imagery, but they also know how to use video elements to market their product.

Take the example below. This isn’t a drawn out how-to on how to make a drink. It’s a short video that show the pouring of one of their products into a glass that ends with a new year’s salutation. It’s simple, engaging and presents the product in way that makes you want to try it.

Examples like Infuse Spirits are what Instagram video is all about.

How are you leveraging Instagram for your small business? We’re the digital marketing team serving Brentwood, TN businesses and beyond that want to help you build brand awareness through Instagram. Contact JLB Works today to learn more.

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